April 2013

So this is it!  The final month of SASL.  For our first-seasoners, if you’re wondering where the April draw is, it’s still "in the bag".  Each year, April's SASL competition is SA Nationals so you get one chance at the big finale and you get to see the faces behind all the other team names you’ve been jostling with all season.  Remember that the SASL points you earn at Nationals are doubled, so be sure to enter.

Who's Who?

On the topic of teams and members, did you know you can now see who jumps on each SASL team?  If you want to know who made up a team, go to the SASL website (, click on the “LEADER BOARD” menu at the top, and then select “TEAMS”.  Click on any judged month (list at the top) and when the leader board displays, click on a team to see who jumped on it.

Below is a pie chart depicting the club composition of this season's competitors

The Final Sprint

March jumps have now been judged and in the front of the pack is a tie between Ian van den Berge, Yolandi van den Berge and Bailey (Jnr) Edmunds.  If this tie remained, Yolandi – having the lowest experience of the three – would take the title. 

Only teams who entered during the year and enter Nationals will be included in the SASL results for April.  With Ian and Yolandi having jumped together all season, Ian now cannot beat Yolandi.  If they as a team beat Bailey’s team, then Yolandi wins.  If Bailey – having jumped around a bit this season – beats the van den Berge teams at Nationals (weighting applied, of course), he will take the title. 

So once again, we won’t know until Nationals is over who is walking home with a new Aerodyne canopy, Cookie G3 Helmet and the Bev Suit.

The Spirit of Competition and Sportsmanship

Throughout this season, we have seen from one team the continued spirit, determination and enthusiasm that we designed this league to grow.  We’d like to commend Team Endeavour of Skydive Central for their resourcefulness in the face of adversity, and their incredible skills growth over the SASL season.

This month, they ran out of options and simply could not get the final jump completed from an aircraft.  The judges just loved the fully kitted up – 2-cameraman, spectator-supported dirt dive of the entire jump on creepers. 

For their creativity and great attitude, they’ll be receiving Airspeed T-shirts and SASL T-shirts this month.  Next time – do the fastest round 1st *just in case*.  With your weighting, that round could have changed this month's leaderboard.

Good job, guys – your t-shirts are on the way!

Cameraman Prize

We are also giving away another prize this month, and that's for camerawork. This month it goes to Ryan Riggs for his excellent camerawork on Jedi-ish's submissions.

He wins a pair of high qualty Xtreme V6 skydiving goggles valued at a R1000 courtesy of Blueye Eyewear.

Check out their jump on the site.


Game On!

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