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We Have a Winner!

Well, we certainly got something different for SASL Season 6. Just one month short of the final – usually a big gathering at the South African National Skydiving Championships, filled with competitive spirit for Nationals and SASL, which uses Nationals scores and doubles the resulting points as the finals score – lockdown arrived to “adjust expectations” and issue a reminder to take nothing for granted.
Teams have supported SASL to the end, and 7 months later, we’ve finished up and - in a virtual judging room - judges scored the final “month”.
While we’re sad to miss the fanfare and atmosphere of a live award ceremony with all South Africa’s competitive skydivers present, we’re grateful to be able to complete the season and a huge thanks goes out to the teams for their commitment and support.
We’re also excited to announce the SASL Season 6 winner, who’s entries this year demonstrate a value that we at SASL hold close to our hearts: skills development and early introduction of novice jumpers to FS competition.
Congratulations, Yolandi Deminey (van den Berge), our Season 6 overall winner!
Yolandi will dance out of 2020 with some spectacular prizes, thanks to our very generous sponsors of equipment, goodies and cash donations:
• A Cookie G4 Helmet
• An L&B Protrack II
• An L&B Viso II
• A Cypres Maintenance Voucher
• A Cypres Hoodie and
• An FS Suit of her choice
Congratulations also to Michael Walker on taking 2nd place overall. Michael has won
• A 30% discount off a Cookie G4 Helmet and
• A Cypres Hoodie
We'll be in contact to arrange handover of the prizes.
We also like to acknowledge and congratulate the best performing teams of the season. Commitment and longevity of teams is so important to competitive success, and we love to see teams working out. Congratulations to the winning teams in the 4-way and 2-way categories.
4-Way FS:
1st - 4-way Jazz Republic
2nd – Aerium
2-Way FS:
1st - Jana & James
2nd – Glitter Guppy
Lastly, a special mention must go out to 4-way team Aerium, who we have seen form and grow over the years and who we love to see shine like they have. The Aerium members are game for anything, and their great attitude, commitment to the team and the sport, and potential as flyers is certain to take them far. They are the team everyone loves to love and we’re excited to watch them through the next season and in the years to come.
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