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Welcome to the SA Skydiving League Website
South African Skydiving League South African Skydiving League South African Skydiving League South African Skydiving League South African Skydiving League South African Skydiving League South African Skydiving League South African Skydiving League South African Skydiving League South African Skydiving League

To upload your footage you need to log on and go to "My Stuff" -> "My Jumps" from the main menu. All submissions have to be done online.

First Submissions Due

You have until the end of Friday 1 November to submit your October jumps.

Even if wasn’t your proudest moment, just 1 jump submitted could earn you points. The only certainty is that you’ll get no points if you submit nothing.

The Aerodyne Cat is out of the Bag

Last month we withheld the announcement of the grand prize from Aerodyne for Season V of SASL. As usual, they’ve blown us away with their generosity. A BRAND NEW neXgen Icon harness goes to the individual FS winner of Season V! Perfectly ridiculous for 3 jumps a month! Perfectly ridiculous!

New Draws for November

The November draws are out, ready for you to annihilate them this weekend! And look out Open teams - for the cooker in round 1 you’ll pay in labour through rounds 2 & 3.

Remember that the smaller dive pools repeat sooner than the others, especially VFS 2-way basic and 4-way FS basic. This is because we don’t start fresh each month – we keep drawing each month from the same pool as one continuous meet, thereby ensuring that all the formations occur as equally as possible over the whole season.

This has made for a particularly interesting 4-way FS Basic draw this month where the end of the dive pool was reached in jump 1 and 3 formations from round 1 repeat in round 2 & 3 in a new sequence. Some mind work challenges, I expect.

The DZ Challenge

We’re really pleased to already have entries from across the country. Robertson – winning their long-time battle to combine a skydiving club with an actual aircraft ;) - are leading the DZ entries, followed by PSC and JSC.

This year, we challenge you to get the most DZ entries. Get your DZ involved, jump around (multiple partners is not only safe, but encouraged – just use protection and wear your helmet). Show us which DZ has the most to offer. No harm in winning something along the way!

Check our VFS Open Dive Pool

Feedback from some competitors reminded us that not all freefliers are used to the FS/VFS dive pool notation yet, so we have added some descriptions to the advanced VFS formations to clarify the images. If you’re unsure, drop us a line so we can assist but also so we know where we need to clarify the dive pool.


Monday night, it all goes down. Keep your eyes on the SASL site and log in to find any judging or coaching feedback. If you would like feedback on anything in particular, drop us a line and we’ll make an extra effort to go through your videos again after judging and provide whatever feedback we can.

Good luck & Game ON!

The SASL Committee