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Yes! The rumour is true

SASL is returning to the South African skies. Season VI will launch in October 2019 and all that is left is to finalise our sponsors and get you registered and jumping.

If you are wondering what all the fuss is about, this is a great place to start. The details are on our rules pages, but the gist of SASL is a country-wide competition that equalises jumpers across all experience levels using a weighting system.

Entry is free and it’s all online.

It’s all about strategy:

  • Your score gets weighted up according to you and your team mates’ combined experience level, so it's in your interests to balance a highly experienced jumper’s skills with the heavy weighting advantage of a low experience jumper. You need each other.
  • More jumps = better chances. Repeat the 3 rounds through the month and submit your best of each.
  • No team? No problem. Grab who you can find each month. You carry your points individually, so you change team mates each month with no disadvantage.
  • Earn points for placing on the leader board, so a veritable thumping in scores in one month doesn’t carry any more advantage than the difference in positions. The fight stays tight.

The league season culminates at Nationals 2020, which forms the final entry, earns you double points and finishes up the season with the final prize giving. Previous season prizes have been really something, and we’re hoping to gather an equally exciting set of prizes this season.

So until then, get started by registering here, explore the website, figure out the rules (Be wise. Strategize, follow us on Facebook for draws and updates, and prepare to light the fire in your booties!

Game ON.

Aerodyne Research
Aerodyne Research
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SA dealers contact
031 502 6435

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LB Altimeters

Dedicated to bringing skydivers the best in audible and visual altimeters

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InTime Scoring