May 2013
Wow!  What a season, with another close finish determined by SA Nationals results.  Ian van den Berge, Yolandi van den Berge and Bailey Edmunds arrived at Nationals on Monday with equal points. Left this way, Yolandi as the least experienced of the 3 would have won, but it wasn’t to be that easy. 

So, who done it?

Only the previously entered SASL teams at Nationals were eligible for the April entry.  Because the number of teams in each event each month determines the number of points, it was not simply about who won, but which event they won that became critical.  With more of the SASL season’s 2-ways entered in Nationals than 4-ways, there were more points to be gained by a 2-way win than a 4-way win.  This made the already hot 2-Way events - filled this year with some of our best FS skydivers – even hotter as SASL’s must-be-won.

Congratulations to Bailey Edmunds, whose team, Jedi-ish, pulled off a second place in the 2-way Open event, beaten by a non-SASL team and therefore the SASL 2-way winning team.  Bailey skidded into his SASL win with 29 points over Yolandi and Ian’s 27 points and walks away almost fully kitted out by prizes.  He has won:

  • A pair of Blueye Eyewear Xtreme V6 Skydiving goggles
  • A Bev Suit
  • A Cookie G3 Helmet
  • An Aerodyne main canopy of his choice

And last but not least, the fame and glory, a victory dance and a minor hangover from the awards party. 

Special mention was made of Team Endeavour for their sportsmanship, spirit, persistence and creativity.  For this, Team Endeavour have won a fully paid for 4-way skills camp, to kick start their new season and up their game as they progress to 4-way.

Our Superstar Sponsors

SASL is so grateful to our amazing sponsors for their continued support.  This league represents so much in South African Skydiving – sport, development and competition continue to thrive and grow and it is thanks to our sponsors.  Please continue to support them – they have loads more cool products and goodies than we can list, so go to their websites, check them out and buy from producers of great products and supporters of your sport:

Aerodyne our main sponsor or contact Dale Jowett directly on
Cookie Composites
Bev Suits
Blueye Eyewear
Parachute Association of South Africa
Namespace Technologies

Our Kick**s Competitors

Of course it would all fall flat with competitors.  You guys rock!  Thanks for not just competing but for playing the game!  SASL combines, attitude, strategy, skills into GAME.

Season V Invitation to the Dark Side

To close of this wicked season, we’ll share a Season V teaser.  Of course it will be another hummer, bigger and better, and FS-fantastic as always.  But it’s time to share the fun again.  The recent local growth in Freefly interest led to requests to return Freefly to SASL.  We’re excited to announce that Season V will reintroduce a Freefly event as a test event.  If there is sufficient support in Season V, Freefly stays.  So spread the word and Freeflyers, support the next season to bring your event back! 

Time for a little break – see you again in September for Season V, with fire in your booties and game plan in your pockets.


Game ON!

The SASL Team


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