October 2013

The South African Skydiving League Season V has started. Right now, you ALL stand the same chance of winning the incredible prizes from heavyweight sponsors Aerodyne, Bev Suit, Cookie, Larsen & Brusgaard and more!

Get Started

Only 3 jumps a month, with anyone, in any team, or multiple teams, mix and match skills and weightings to maximise your score and change teams through the season, because you carry your points as an individual as you climb the leader board. Just make sure you compete every month and try get your team to submit all three jumps each month. You can jump any weekend of the month on any South African drop zone.

New Event! Welcome VFS 2-Way

FS – always well supported - will of course return as usual with the same mix of events, but this season we are doing a trial run of VFS 2-way.  Like FS, there is an Advanced category (4-5 points, Nationals Open VFS 2-way dive pool) and a Basic category (head up, 3-4 points).  Experience weightings and category adjustments will adjust your scores to equalise competitors.  The 2 categories will be combined into a single log (like the FS 4-way does). Bev Suit has put up 2 VFS suits for the VFS league, so get your game on and compete! If we have sufficient support this season, we will keep the event in the future.  Open freeflyers, this is great training for the new SA Nationals VFS 2-way event.

Draws Are Out

The October draws are up on the website so get jumping.

FS Draws and VFS Draws - download the PDF (on the right of the draw webpage) to see the pictures.

For the VFS dive pools (and details on how to perform the randoms and blocks) check out :

VFS 2-Way Basic Dive Pool

VFS 2-Way Advanced Dive pool

Submit your team’s best of each round before 1 November. You can jump on multiple teams, and as an individual you’ll be awarded the highest points earned by any of your teams this month.

Contact the SASL committee or your DZ SASL Rep  if you have any questions or need any assistance.

Support South African competition. Support the suppliers and companies who are supporting you and your sport. Support SASL and get into the air.

Game ON!

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